Electronic Data Capture in Clinical Trials

Our office based Data Managers provide full service from database development to database lock. Our Data Management services are governed by rigorous SOPs and comply with ICH, GCP, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Our products provide the Data Management Team a state of the art, fully compliant EDC system to conduct data review and manage queries in real time. It also ensures data accuracy and integrity with real time reporting.  Our Data Management services are tailored to fit your clinical trial needs: From individual stand-alone services to fully-functional outsourcing.

Why You Should Contact Us For Data Management In Clinical Research  

It can be easy to become frustrated when dealing with data management for clinical research of several companies. That is a complex and nuanced task that has no shortage of challenges. You might not have the expertise to get the job done well, or you might not know how to deal with all of the regulations surrounding data management in clinical research. But do not worry! Our data management CRO has got your back. Here are the reasons why you should contact us for data management in clinical research:

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Increased Efficiency

Our clinical research data management services can boost your research efficiency. It is no secret that a proper clinical trial data management system is a crucial part of any clinical trial. Our experts have the experience to apply our resources towards increasing the speed, quality, and reliability of your research data collections and storage methods. For example, you can use our best electronic data capture systems for clinical trials to collect your participants’ information more quickly and connect them with clinical trials more efficiently — all with one EDC.

Further, our eclinical software helps field workers complete surveys via mobile devices and computers, allowing them to input data faster, whether they are in the office or out in the field. That can improve your research by reducing the time it takes to carry out your studies and minimizing data entry errors. For example, companies could use our eclinical software for electronic case report forms to view and update data for multiple projects on one screen. That saves time by eliminating redundant entries and keeping all relevant data in one place.

Increased Quality And Reliability

Our clinical trial data management system can help you monitor the data collected by your study participants and ensure that they are entering the right information. You can also automatically enter your data into a common format to make it easier for researchers to analyze it. That is one way of ensuring that data is high-quality, reliable, and complete throughout the entire trial process. For instance, you could use our eclinical software for trial tracking and case report forms to reduce errors and ensure that information is entered correctly. Furthermore, our electronic data capture systems for clinical trials will allow you to track changes to trial documents, which is essential for maintaining accuracy during a large project.


We Will Make Sure Everything Is Appropriately Documented

Documentation is a critical part of ensuring that everything stays on track as your data management in a clinical research study progresses through the process. Our organization will use our data management systems for clinical trials to ensure that all of your documentation is in order – and we are not talking about your study’s paperwork.

Companies can use our data management systems for clinical trials to document several aspects of a clinical research study, from recruitment strategies, and safety management to emails between their teams and the participants. Most of these documents are confidential and legally protected, so they must be stored securely. As the best data management in clinical research company will know where to keep everything. We will know how to retrieve it when needed and how to maintain the confidentiality of all of your records.

Our services from inception to completion when handling data management include:

  • Data Specifications
  • Database Development and Validation
  • Data Management Plan
  • Data Review
  • 3rd Party Vendor Data Reconciliation
  • Dictionary Coding
  • Database Closure
  • Data Transfers
  • eCRF Archival
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We Will Handle Confidentiality Concerns

As the best data management CRO and clinical research data management company, it is critical that we know how to manage the confidentiality concerns of our clients when we utilize electronic data capture in clinical trials. We are also aware of the restrictions surrounding different types of information that should be stored in your study. That is one primary concern that we will want to address by using our data management systems for clinical trials before we can begin to work on anything else with your project. Therefore, we ensure that all types of confidential data are held privately, and you also need to know exactly how long it is supposed to be held–after the study has been completed or up until a certain date. As a professional data management in a clinical research company will have these details in order before we begin working on anything new with your project.

We Will Ensure Everything Is Compliant.

Some clinical research data management companies will not take the time to ensure that your study is compliant with regulatory guidelines. They might not know the regulations surrounding data management in clinical research and data management CROs believe that they can get away with doing some things simply because they have done this before. However, this is not the case! Our data management CRO has gone over all of the latest regulations affecting electronic data capture in clinical trials and knows what it takes to comply with these rules. Since our team is only as strong as our weakest link – we ensure that we are not hiring someone who could jeopardize your entire project by skirting around critical rules and regulations.


Database Go-Live Timelines

Contract Award/Project Kickoff Meeting

Day 0

Final Protocol/Database Specifications Reviewed

Day 1

DB Set-up Package Completed

Day 1

Data Management Plan Drafted and Sent to Client

Day 2

Metadata Created

Day 2

Editing Groundrules Initiated

Day 3

Layouts Completed/Including On-Entry Checks

Day 5

eCRF Completion Manual Initiated

Day 6

Release for CDM Entry Testing

Day 7

Final Annotated For Entry CRF Printed/Entry can Go-Live

Day 8

Export Views

Day 9

eCRF Completion Manual Completed

Day 9

Editing Groundrules Completed

Day 9

Edit Check Programming Initiated

Day 10

Validation of Export Views

Day 11

Test Plans Completed

Day 11

Final Annotated CRF Printed/Test Transfer Available

Day 13

Validation Completed and Documentation Compiled/Edits can Go-Live

Day 15

Ready for Client UAT/Sign-off

Day 16

E-Clinical Software Company

eclinical software companyClinical trials are complex undertakings that generate an enormous quantity of data. What’s more, the information generated is often extremely valuable. Data management in clinical research is, therefore, vital. Data managers need clinical trial management systems that provide electronic data capture, helping them bring down costs, reliably collect data, and secure it for data analysis later.

Electronic data capture companies are organizations that provide electronic data capture systems for clinical trials. They use advanced techniques to reduce the burden of data management in clinical research and deploy their specialist knowledge to ensure data integrity and reliability. The result is a set of data that accurately reflects the reality of the study, no matter what that happens to be.

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Our Process for Data Management in Clinical Research

If you are looking for data management CRO, then you have come to the right place. As an eClinical software company, we provide all the tools that data managers need to collect and store data reliably. From the outset, we embark on a robust and tailored process that ensures full scientific integrity.

Just like any data management CRO, we begin with a review of your protocols and database specification. This part of the process tells us the databases that you will populate with the results from your trial. We then create a data management plan that uses electronic data capture systems for clinical trials. This plan lets us construct metadata, tagging data that you will ultimately collect in the course of your research.

As an electronic data capture company, we then consult with you on the editing ground rules, which is particularly important in clinical safety data management. After that, we complete layouts, including on-entry checks.

The next stage is to create the appropriate electronic case report forms. Electronic data capture companies need to develop forms that apply to specific clinical trials and offer the correct formatting and data entry options. With the proper formats, electronic data capture in clinical trials is considerably easier for data managers.

Our data management CRO team then embarks on a series of internal checks and plans testing before releasing live editing tools to clients.

As an electronic data capture company, we see it as our mission to ensure that researchers have robust tools for electronic data capture in clinical trials. That’s why we work closely with labs every step of the way and, at the same time, provide real-time updates, setting us apart from other electronic data capture companies. With our services, you can cut down on time you spend undertaking data management in clinical research and focus more extensively on testing your theories and compiling results for publication.

As a data management CRO, we cater to the full life cycle of your data needs. Not only do we provide you with a data management plan and third-party vendor data reconciliation, but we also offer database closure. This is something that is essential for data management in clinical research and that many data management systems for clinical trials do not do.

It is also essential for an eClinical software company to provide archiving facilities. That’s why we offer eCRF archival so that data managers can store original records safely until other researchers require them.

Electronic data capture systems for clinical trials are becoming increasingly vital for researchers having to construct complex data sets reliably and robustly. Greater scrutiny of results is also making data management systems for clinical trials even more imperative. Laboratories and research institutions that do not use electronic data capture companies run the risk of missing data and losing funding.

Thus, data management in clinical research is more critical than ever before. Clinical trials that do not use an eClinical software company could find themselves in a situation in which they cannot effectively manage their data, slowing the rate at which it is collected. They also run the risk of errors and omissions when they don’t use data management systems for clinical trials, causing them to draw the wrong conclusions, which may have implications for patient safety.

Improve Your Data Management with QDS

If you are conducting a clinical trial, our electronic data capture company can help. Electronic data capture in clinical trials is now more critical than ever. We are an eClinical software company that follows a robust data creation and processing, providing an end-to-end service for your clinical trial. Through a combination of data specifications, database development and validation, dictionary coding, data transfers, and eCRF archival, we are the only eClinical software company you need

Data management in clinical research covers the process of gathering, validating, and readying clinical trial data for statistical analysis.

The process begins by setting up eClinical software or a clinical data management system based on study protocols to gather and store information. Once these electronic data capture systems for clinical trials have acquired data, the next step is to implement data validation to ensure all details are accurate and compliant with all regulatory requirements.

From there, the database is locked to prevent any changes or modifications, and the datasets are then delivered to the analysis teams.

Trusted Clinical Data Management CRO Provider

clinical database managementWhen you choose QDS to handle your data management in clinical research, you will be sure that your clinical trial will be submitted on time with the best data available. We utilize a range of systems for electronic data capture in clinical trials to meet your requirements.

Our company offers top-notch data management CRO solutions that include fast database launch, expert medical coding, integrated clinical data sources, query resolution, external vendor data management, database lock, and clean data ready for any clinical data management system.

QDS is one of the top eClinical software companies that can provide electronic data capture systems for clinical trials.

Besides these solutions, our company guarantees quick access to data so you can make vital decisions for your patients immediately. Our clinical trial database management experts are attentive and experts in all areas—particularly in data collection, processing, and ensuring quality solutions are provided at all times.

Customized Yet Flexible Data Management in Clinical Research

At QDS, we offer clinical trial data management systems to help companies achieve their goals. Each clinical trial data management system we provide is capable of precise electronic data capture in clinical trials.

Here are the main benefits that you can get when you choose us:

  • Consultative approach – We will work with your experts to understand your ultimate objectives while providing experienced feedback to help you achieve them efficiently and effectively.
  • Proactive guidance – We can help you balance short-term and long-term goals for your programs and offer proactive plans for each phase.
  • EDC experts – Our data managers are certified experts in handling electronic data capture systems for clinical trials. These professionals are also knowledgeable in all clinical trial database management build considerations.
  • One of a kind – QDS is a unique provider in that we are just one of a few companies that provide you with data management solutions together with eClinical software.
  • Quality systems – Our eClinical software ensures accurate electronic data capture in clinical trials so you have quality data when needed.

Quality Data Management Systems for Clinical Trials

QDS is a one-stop provider for everything related to data management for clinical trials. We provide data management systems for clinical trials that can perform activities such as database building, cleaning, query resolution, database lock, and archiving. Our team can deploy the clinical trial data management system you need to achieve your results.

Since we have our clinical data management system, this means that all incoming data is handled and analyzed by professionals as soon as they arrive. If you are looking for the best capabilities in electronic data capture in clinical trials, we have the solutions for you. Contact us today.

eClinical Software Company

A vital part of clinical trial data management is electronic data capture (EDC). Long gone are the days of physical files and doing everything by paper and hand. Yet EDC is not always easy. You need the right software and support. That is where QDS can help. We are one of the best eClinical software companies that can handle electronic data capture in any clinical trial. Here is what you need to know about our EDC system for clinical trials.

Why We’re One of the Best for Data Management in Clinical Research

One reason why people choose us over other companies for data management systems for clinical trials is because of our experience and easy to use system. Our experience and tailored software can make data management easier than ever imagined.

When you work with QDS, we can provide the following services:

  • Data management in clinical research
  • Electronic data capture in clinical trials
  • Real-time reports
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Project management

electronic data capture in clinical trialsThere are a few benefits you can experience when choosing to use our clinical trial data management system. We are one of the few companies that provide our own fully certified electronic data capture systems for clinical trials. That means all of your data can be entered remotely and professionally managed as the data is coming in. We can also create customized reports within the EDC to capture study data in the format that best serves our client’s specific needs.

Because it’s electronic, you can also be sure that your data is accurate and captured quickly.

Data is cleaned intelligently, in an efficient process. On-entry edit checks fire in real time to address data entry and obvious errors. Medical coding is performed daily. As CRAs review and monitor data, they can close reviewed pages or post monitoring queries as needed. Data Managers perform final page and clinical review of data and finalize data in a continuous manner, avoiding a large bolus of data at the end of a study.

Finally, our data systems can save you money. You don’t have to spend countless hours capturing data anymore. It can be captured quickly through our simple to use EDC system. Your budget and staff’s time can be used in other areas of the trial.

Ask for a Demo of QDS’ Electronic Data Capture Systems Today

We will provide you with competitive software services and the comprehensive support you need to compile clinical trial summaries and reports with ease. Contact us today.

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Clinical research companies must use efficient data management systems for clinical trials to manage and disseminate data. If you do not have a reliable clinical trial data management system that allows you to exchange, store, communicate, and analyze data securely, you will miss out on critical information about your participants and millions of dollars in potential revenue. With a system like ours, you can collect, store, and analyze data for multiple studies simultaneously and access it from anywhere. You will see how our eclinical software can improve your workflow, save you time and money, and help you uncover new ways to increase revenue. We have many more resources available on our website so visit it often to stay current on the latest news in clinical research technologies. Request a free trial today to learn more about the benefits of utilizing electronic data capture solutions for data management in clinical research and data management CRO companies.