COVID-19 Safety, Data & Trial Management

QDS has expanded our remote clinical services to offer clients additional data collection options for their ongoing clinical trials and operations.

Our remote services include

  • Remote source document verification 
  • Expanded global/extronic review of saft data
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Additional and/or modified data collection forms within our online data capture system

All of our staff have continued to work remotely or safely in the office to meet the needs of our clients during this time. Our trained nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals are able to answer calls and emails from sites, patients, and/or sponsors around the clock.

At QDS, we strive to meet all of our client’s clinical trial needs. During this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic we have enhanced our clinical support services and online e-clinical software to continue to meet the needs of our clients during this everchanging environment.  

remote monitoring

QDS has expanded our remote clinical services to offer clients additional support and data collection options for their ongoing clinical trials and operations. All of our staff have continued to work seamlessly to meet the needs of our clients during this time. Our trained nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals are able to answer calls and emails from sites, patients, and/or sponsors around the clock.

Our Remote Services Include:

  • Source Document Verification
  • Expanded Global/Electronic Review of Safety Data
  • Additional and/or Modified Data Collection Forms Within Our Online Data Capture System

If your organization is embarking on a COVID-19 trial, our clinical research organization can provide additional support services including online COVID-19 reports, forms, remote safety management and many more services to assist your trial.

QDS is determined to do our part to help our clients minimize the impact COVID-19 has on their ongoing trials. Our dedicated staff working through this pandemic who are providing continued clinical study support even during these challenging times. Our remote monitoring services can be adapted to meet the needs of your individual sites and patient monitoring constraints.

Contact us today to learn more and explore all the ways that QDS can help you navigate your clinical or device trial during the COVID-19 epidemic and beyond.

Conduct Safe & Effective Trials With Remote Services

In the wake of the SARS-COV pandemic, it’s more important than ever for researchers to conduct safe and high-quality clinical trials. One wrong move may prove disastrous for a company. That’s where we can help. QD Services offers a range of clinical trial management services that can help support or speed-up your trial during COVID-19. Here’s everything you need to know about our remote clinical services and how we can help you during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why You Should Choose Our Company For COVID-19 Remote Monitoring

leverages IoT technology, to provide a level of efficiency, collaboration, and accuracy for clinical trial management. Patient data along with coronavirus remote monitoring is automatically uploaded from any electronic device with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. By sending patient data and coronavirus monitoring to an electronic device, We can provide a more accurate picture of the patient’s lifestyle and daily habits, which would be difficult to obtain if we were based in one location with study investigators.

Conduct Safe and Effective Trials With Remote Services

Clinical trials are a critical component of discovering, developing, and delivering innovative new medications. However, remote source document verification for these clinical can be daunting for any researcher, especially for those in the early stages of their career with little experience. Our organization understands that conducting clinical trial management can seem overwhelming at first, but by utilizing our services, you can rest assured that your study management exercise will be completed with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

We have the experience you need in study management to conduct safe and effective trials with COVID-19 remote clinical services. With our knowledge of global regulatory procedures, we can advise on the best methods for your company to succeed. Our team in remote data collection includes experts in human studies and medical researchers who are eager to help you take your project from concept to reality.

How We Can Help You:

  • Our experienced staff is trained to provide documentation and closeout reports for the remote data collection.
  • We provide a review of the safety management for your medication and the devices that will be used during the trial. By utilizing our safety management services, We can assure you that your study will be conducted appropriately.
  • We help you determine the proper paperwork that needs to be completed for particular clinical trial management, such as FDA or EMA Certificates of Approval.
  • We can train staff on how to perform certain monitoring procedures such as the electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), and Photoplethysmography (PPG) which will ensure that your trial officers are using the proper equipment to collect data and provide accurate reports on safety management.
  • We can also train your staff to perform vital signs monitoring and data management. Vital signs monitoring helps determine the safety of your study participants by using a test that shows how a patient’s heart, lungs, and other bodily functions are reacting to the trial.

24/7 access and low cost of Remote COVID-1

9 Monitoring

Our company will provide you with very reliable remote project management whenever you need us, and at an affordable cost which saves your company both time and money regarding COVID-19 data management. We offer round-the-clock monitoring at great prices and in a very convenient way. You will never have to schedule a visit from us, and you will always be able to reach us whenever you need us, just by a phone call or email. You will never have to wait in line for an answer, even if we are very busy with other clients.

Our primary remote clinical services include:

  • Source document verification
  • Expanded global/electronic review of safety data
  • Additional and modified data collection forms within our online data capture system

Full Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 is Possible

Our Remote coronavirus monitoring service is a comprehensive system that allows the client to always check on the status of their equipment from anywhere on the planet. We can even make a remote diagnosis of sars-cov on the spot, eliminating routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning or replacing sensors. Our remote project management system works for all types of equipment, including those with electric motors.

Remote COVID-19 Monitoring Is Easy

You do not need to hire an engineer or send a person to remote locations, nor do you have to make a large investment when conducting a remote source document verification of COVID-19 patients. We handle most of the technical aspects for you so that your company can focus on more important things. Whether it is a software installation, hardware maintenance, or even troubleshooting, we can handle everything for you. We will make sure that the equipment is installed appropriately, minimizing downtime and potential risks when analyzing sars-cov. Our clients appreciate our experience in remote data collection and how we offer very high levels of efficiency and dedication at a very reasonable cost, making our remote coronavirus monitoring service one of the best deals in the industry.

Remote Covid-19 Monitoring Is Personalized

Our customers love our remote clinical services, and we think you will too! Our remote project management system is designed to fit your specific needs and tailored to your company’s configuration. Some of our clients’ most common needs include scheduled visits, remote diagnostics, safety management, remote downloading, and other maintenance operations.  Our team can take care of each one as needed,  and we can also offer you all the information you need regarding sars-cov to do so, in a very effective way. Simple and easy ways are always best.

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sars-cov study management

Remote COVID-19 telemetry is the best way to monitor coronavirus. We offer remote source document verification of COVID-19 to a variety of clients.  We can provide professional remote clinical services that will help you change the way you think about surveillance and maintenance. We have helped companies like yours with data management so that they can focus on more critical priorities. Our clinical trial management system has been designed to save money and time, but it also saves lives by helping to avoid more dangerous situations, in industries where remote data collection can be invaluable to various organizations. You can contact us today to uncover more about how our company can help your organization in coronavirus remote monitoring.