Ensure Your Project Runs Safely & Effectively With The Help of Our Clinical Management Services

Our office-based Clinical Project Management staff has many years of clinical experience and industry knowledge to ensure your project runs effectively and efficiently.

Our Project Managers understand our clients’ reliance on effective communication and quality. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to run each trial from start to finish.

From Inception to Completion:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • First-line site management
  • Proactive issue identification and corrective action planning
  • Overall responsibility for quality, timelines, budget adherence
  • Performs as a member of your team

How Clinical Monitoring Can Benefit Your Company

QDS’ Clinical Monitors have at least 8 years of experience in the field, and are regionally based to provide maximum efficiency, and to develop effective investigator site relationships. Study assignments are based on relevant therapeutic experience to ensure low query rate and true understanding of the clinical research protocol and endpoints. QDS monitors are proficient in the use and methods of Electronic Data Capture.

Services Include:

  • Site Qualification Visits
  • Initiation Visits
  • Interim Monitoring Visits
  • Study Close Out Visits
  • Drug Accountability
  • Site Management

Our Process

  • Site Feasibility Assessment
  • Investigator Assessment
  • Establishment of Operations Manual
  • Communications & Monitoring Plan Development
  • Source Document Creation
  • Site Qualifications
  • Regulatory Document Collection and IRB/EC Submissions
  • Third-Party Vendor Selection
  • Investigator Meeting Presentations
  • Site Initiations
  • Clinical Supply Distribution
  • Oversight of Study Team
  • Site Management and Monitoring
  • Proactive Issue Identification
  • Corrective Action Planning
  • Newsletters and Study Updates
  • Evaluation of Clinical Data
  • Financial Oversight and Management of Study Budget
  • Grant Payments
  • Regulatory Document Maintenance
  • Ongoing Site Training
  • Assistance with Query Resolution
  • IP Accountability & Return/Destruction
  • IRB Close Out Reporting
  • Close Out Monitoring Visits
  • Regulatory Document Reconciliation

Are You Looking For On Site Clinical Trial Management?

clinical monitoringWe offer clinical monitoring services, support for clinical drug trials, and clinical trial management systems at Quality Data Services, Inc.

If you are looking for quality clinical monitoring services and clinical trial site management from leading organizations, you’ve come to the right place. From clinical trial data management system solutions to on-site monitoring, we provide a full range of services. At Quality Data Services, Inc., we will be your full-service partner throughout the clinical drug trials that you carry out.  There’s a lot to know about working with a clinical research monitor firm like us. If you have any queries about our clinical trial monitoring service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. Discover why we are the best for pharmaceutical drug trials out of all organizations.

Additional Information

clinical trial managerThe clinical research monitor and clinical trial monitoring services that we provide

We provide an extensive collection of clinical trial site management services, including a leading clinical trial data management system. This includes providing electronic data capture in clinical trials. We also offer clinical trial management systems and a wide range of pharmacovigilance consulting services, as well as having a team of experts in medical writing in clinical research, so you can rest assured that we can assist no matter your medical device market research and clinical management requirements.

Clinical trial monitoring service; from start to finish, including site monitoring – Talk to a clinical trial manager today about clinical drug trials

We can assist with clinical monitoring and medical device market research in any manner that you require us. We understand that quality and communication are needed from start to finish with clinical trial monitoring and clinical drug trials. We will provide you with a dedicated clinical research project manager, as well as first-line site management and a clinical trial data management system. Your clinical trial manager will perform as a member of your team, as well as being proactive with identifying issues in clinical management and engaging in corrective action planning. We offer clinical trial site management, including on-site monitoring and medical device clinical research.

An effective clinical management process is provided to assist our partners in becoming one of the leading medical device research companies or drug development organizations in the industry.

Your clinical trial manager will leave no stone unturned when it comes to pharmaceutical drug trials, medical device clinical research, and the clinical project management process.

We have many years of experience in clinical trial monitoring, on-site monitoring and clinical trial management systems

At Quality Data Services, Inc., we have many years of experience in the medical device research and development industry. We have been helping companies with clinical monitoring since we were established in 1995. Since then, we are delighted to have built up an exceptional reputation in the industry as a leading clinical research monitor company. We provide a wide range of services here, from medical device research and development to site monitoring. Regardless of the services you require, you can be sure that we will always adapt to suit your requirements. Get your clinical trial manager today.

Contact us today for more information about clinical trial site management or medical device clinical research, or to speak to a clinical research project manager or clinical trial manager

If you would like more information about why you should choose our clinical research organization over the other organizations that are available, You can speak to our team of experts and ask any questions you may have about clinical project management, site monitoring and medical device market research.  You can reach us at 610-354-0404. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@qdservices.com, and a clinical research project manager will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Clinical trial management systems are crucial for clinical drug trials, medical device research, and clinical research in general. Thus, to foster effective communication between companies and critical trial site management organizations, a clinical trial manager is crucial in clinical trial monitoring.

A clinical trial manager, or a clinical research project manager, performs a key role in clinical monitoring by:

  • Facilitating quality communication
  • Identifying issues during on-site monitoring clinical trials
  • Offering corrective action planning
  • Being responsible for quality control, timelines, and budget compliance
  • Serving as a member of your team

All these, along with other specific tasks, should be accomplished by a clinical trial manager during clinical drug trials, medical device clinical research, clinical trial site management, and clinical monitoring research.

The Importance of Clinical Trial Site Management

A clinical trial manager must be from knowledgeable and trusted clinical trial site management organizations like Quality Data Services so you can be sure your clinical research project manager has ample experience in monitoring data. Our clinical trial monitoring managers have at least eight years of experience in the field and are based regionally so they can more efficiently conduct on-site monitoring clinical trials and develop good relationships with the companies needing our clinical monitoring services. Moreover, our clinical trial managers are assigned to a specific site based on their relevant therapeutic experience to ensure they fully understand a project’s protocols and endpoints.

For pharmaceutical drug trials, medical device clinical research, or other similar projects, our process involves a study start-up, project management, and study close-out. Alongside this process, we also offer companies services that involve clinical trial management systems, which provide electronic data capture for monitoring data in clinical drug trials and other projects.

Moreover, our clinical monitoring services also work hard to keep your pharmaceutical drug trials on budget and schedule. Our clinical research monitor will also make sure that despite working independently, everyone is on the same page in terms of implementing necessary changes and at which stage your clinical drug trials are progressing. With our dedicated clinical research monitor, you minimize the likelihood of your pharmaceutical drug trials missing any crucial details that can significantly affect or undermine the study’s results.

By site monitoring clinical trials, Quality Data Services Inc. can also assist in your clinical monitoring research by minimizing or even preventing delays. Our clinical research project managers can readily participate in the clinical trials themselves if you ever lack staff members or are falling behind schedule.

If you need services for site monitoring clinical trials, Quality Data Services Inc. will work with you right from the inception stage to the completion of your project. For those who don’t need the full scope of our services, you can choose from the different solutions we offer through QDR™, which is our proprietary e-clinical selection of services that include the following:

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
  • Interactive Web Randomization (IWR)
  • Pharmacovigilance (PHV)
  • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)
  • E-Diary

Depending on the needs of your study, you can use one or multiple components as they can work flexibly with each other to eliminate redundant entries or data repetitions.

To make sure your clinical research is accomplished in a timely fashion without going over your budget, work with clinical trial managers from Quality Data Services Inc. and receive a professional, highly experienced, and tailored service that can help in the efficient completion of your study.

Pharmaceutical Drug Trial Monitoring Services

Clinical Management for All of Your Projects

In the world of clinical trials, it is essential that you remain on budget and on schedule. Yet with so many pieces of the puzzle often working independently, it can be difficult to know the progress everyone is making. Crucial details may be left by the wayside. To ensure your project stays on budget and proceeds according to schedule, you need the experience of Quality Data Services. We have been partnering with organizations for years on their clinical trials and other projects. Here is everything you need to know about our clinical management.

Why Our Clinical Research Associates (CRA) Make a Difference

If you are performing clinical trials, then you may wonder what the advantage is of having a seasoned CRA. You may just want to perform the clinical trial monitoring yourself. However, most organizations fall into a few budgetary and scheduling problems. Being short-handed or falling behind schedule means that your clinical research monitor might have to start taking part in the clinical trials themselves. Our CRA remains a third-party, able to provide consistent contact and continuity on your project.

Our clinical research project managers are among the best because they have years of experience to share. They have been conducting remote clinical trial site management for several years. They understand the processes that clinical trials go through and can provide advice and guidance on how to stay in compliance with Good Clinical Practices and on schedule.

When you need reliable on site monitoring or remote clinical trial site management, we are one of the best clinical trial management companies from which to choose.

clinical drug trialsAnother reason why we are one of the few cutting-edge clinical trial management companies out there is that we offer several e-clinical management systems. We know that not everyone is going to need the full scope of services under the umbrella of clinical monitoring. That is why our unique online clinical trial management system can offer several different solutions. QDR™ is our proprietary e-clinical suite of services consisting of:

Our flexible e-clinical suite can be used in a variety of ways to fit the needs of your study. Use 1, 2, 3 or all components, they interact in an intelligent way to eliminate needless repetition or redundant entry of study information.

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We know that your clinical research is important. That is why we work with our clients throughout the entire process and provide site monitoring services for their clinical trials to ensure their projects are finished on time and efficiently.

There are many benefits you can enjoy when performing your clinical trials with our monitoring service. For one, our clinical trial managers are highly experienced and cost efficient. At QDS, we charge a fixed fee per visit for monitoring services plus traveling expenses.

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